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Bring Yourself: How to Harness

the Power of Connection to Negotiate Fearlessly

A Look at How Relationships Can Drive Successful Negotiation

from an Award-Winning Faculty Member at the Wharton School of Business

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Contrary to what many believe makes for a good negotiator, namely, being aggressive and unemotional, author and educator Mori Taheripour challenges this conventional wisdom and offers a radically different perspective.

Throughout her life, as well as in her 15 years of teaching negotiation, Mori has found that the best negotiators are empathetic, curious, and present, and the essence of bargaining isn't the transaction, but the conversation and human connection. It is when you bring your whole, authentic self to the table, that you can fearlessly advocate on your own behalf while finding creative solutions that benefit everyone.

In Bring Yourself, Mori explains how our pressure points, personal experiences, and even our cultural expectations can become roadblocks to finding common ground and offers essential strategies to move beyond them and open our minds. She argues that regardless of our own perceived ability to negotiate we must have the courage to engage, because bargaining plays a crucial role in every aspect of our lives. Mori breaks down a successful negotiation into two parts: moving past what is holding you back and expanding your mindset to get beyond “yes.”


Crucial themes that emerge from the book include: 


  • What happens when you undermine yourself in an effort to please others 

  • Why we should embrace vulnerability and not let our scars define us

  • Why empathy, presence and an open mind are essential to an effective negotiation

  • How self-reflection and claiming your power are essential to your success in negotiation


From entrepreneurs and small business owners to NFL players navigating their newfound success, and even married couples learning to make joint decisions, Mori uses eye-opening and empowering stories throughout to help readers gain the confidence they need to achieve their goals in work and in life. Timely and provocative, this paradigm-shifting book can transform our world and the way we work together.

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advance praise for bring yourself

"This book helps you understand what may be holding you and others back

from arriving at your desired outcome. It provides a way for all of us to use our

special skills and experiences to create solutions where everyone wins."

debra lee, former chairwoman and ceo, bet networks

"A well-presented and practical read for anyone looking to develop or

finesse their approach to artful and successful negotiation."

john f.w. rogers, chairman, goldman sachs foundation

"A persuasive and fresh perspective on negotiations. Mori Taheripour is

obviously a gifted teacher, one who shares with readers not only the wisdom

she offers her students but what her students offer her in turn. With an emphasis on curiosity and listening, this book is a rich collage of stories that remind us

that being open and mindful are at the core of any successful negotiation."

paul tagliabue, former commissioner, national football league 

about the author


Mori Taheripour teaches Negotiation and Dispute Resolution in the undergraduate and graduate programs at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.  She has served on the faculty of the Legal Studies and Business Ethics Department for over fifteen years and is a six-time recipient of awards for excellence in teaching. Mori is a co-founder of the Wharton Sports Business Initiative (WSBI). She is a contributor to sports discussions on Wharton Business Daily on SiriusXM and was featured in ESPN’s “30 for 30” documentary, Broke

A globally recognized executive, Mori leverages her expertise in negotiation, diversity and inclusion (D&I), and sports business for Fortune 100 companies, major sports leagues, foundations, and professional associations.  She earned her MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a BA from Barnard College, Columbia University. 

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